2016-2018      Chair of research grant (MOST: 105-2410-H-110 -027 -MY2)

“Exposures to Bikinis Lead to Indulgent Consumption: It Depends on How You Present and Who Sees the Sexual Stimuli”


2016-2018      Chair of research grant (MOST: 105-2410-H-110 -032 -MY2)

“Does a Sad Face to Gain Sympathy Work in Advertising for Cause-Related

Marketing? Full-Factorial Design, Eye-Tracking

Experiments, and Model Testing”


2014-2015      Chair of research grant (MOST: 104-2628-H-110-003–)

“Is Cuteness Angel or Devil? Influences of Product Cuteness With

Anthropomorphism on Consumer Altruism”


2013-2014      Chair of research grant (MOST: 103-2628-H-110-001)

“Can Buying a Product with a Cause Make Us Better People? Impacts of Licensing Effects after Purchasing a Product with a Cause”


2013-2016      Chair of research grant (NSC: 102-2410-H-110-056-MY3)

“Guilt Appeals as a Double-Edged Sword in Social Advertising? Full-Factorial Design, Conjoint Study, and Neuroscience Experiments”


2011-2013      Chair of research grant (NSC: 100-2628-H-110-005-MY2)

“Is a Cause Photo a Panacea in Cause-Related Marketing Ads? Evidence from Experiments and Neuro-Science Settings”


2007-2010       Chair of research grant (NSC: 96-2416-H-110-026-MY3)

Influences of 'Doing Good by Buying Goods' on Consumer Purchase Decision


2006-2007       Chair of research grant (NSC: 95-2416-H-390-005-)

“Perfect Political Advertising: The Moderators of Political Sophistication and Candidate/Party Credibility”


2005-2006        Chair of research grant (NSC: 94-2416-H-390-001)

A Cross-National Study on the Effectiveness of Price Framing Tactics in Consumer Product Advertising


2005-2006         Co-chair of research grant (NSC: 94-2412-H-110-002-)

                       What Do We Know about the Advertising Effectiveness of the Public Welfare Lottery?”


2004-2005         Chair of research grant (NSC: 93-2416-H-390-009)

Framing Makes a Difference: How to Successfully Frame an Advertisement Message for Reducing Child Poverty


2001-2002                    Health Psychology Research Group

Department of Psychology

University of Houston

Directed by Clinical Psychology professor Mary J. Naus


2001-2002          Research Assistant to Dr. Betsy Gelb

                           Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship

                           University of Houston


2000-2001          Research Assistant to Dr. Partha Krishnamurthy

                           Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship

                           University of Houston


2000                                    National Academic Conference of Strategy Planning and Hospital Management (Hyatt Hotel at Taipei, Taiwan)

Representative of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital


1999                          Independent study with professor Dr. Joseph Cherian in UIC

Cross-Culture Differences on Consumer Involvement and Service Quality


1996                                    Participation in National English Conference of International Trade and Economy held by China Youth Corps (Taipei, Taiwan)


1996                                    Project leader of questionnaire and interview team

                          National Health Insurance Bureau of Executive Yuan (Government Grant)

Grant Title: Investigation on Efficacy of National Health Insurance